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At Odabi Clothing Co. our mission is to give the graphic artist a platform to earn an income using their creativity. Our vision is to create a community of wealth in both creativity and financial security. We take the hassle out of product development, manufacturing, logistics, and other critical business functions. All you have to do is, what you do best – provide the world with thought-provoking imagery. Four times a year you will receive a royalty on each garment we sell with you are on it.

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Odabi Affiliates host links and banners directed at We are interested in teaming up with creative Websites and businesses that share our passion for art and financial literacy. By hosting us, you’ll help Odabi reach a wider audience while making a positive impression on those who visit your site. AvantLink manages our affiliate relationships. As an affiliate, you may place links to Odabi on your site and receive commissions for the sales generated from visitors you send our way. An application is available at AvantLink. Once your application is accepted you may select Odabi links and banners (housed at AvantLink) for use on your sites. Affiliates are able to track their progress online in real time via extensive web-based reporting, viewed at AvantLink’s site.

Note to Customers regarding Affiliate generated sales: Odabi customers may be incentivized by an Odabi Affiliate website to make a purchase. For any issues related to affiliate offers, please contact their website directly. Odabi does not manage the offers published by affiliates.

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