Our team takes every detail seriously, from the seed of an idea, to the reality of a working concept, and finally to development and realization. We believe in excellence and incorporate that work ethic and craftsmanship into all our innovations. This essence is in the soul of our products. O D A B I Clothing Co. was founded on February 1st 2013 and exist for one purpose; to give artists a platform to earn an income using their creativity. Most artists keep a portfolio work sitting in their desk not serving its true purpose. Showcasing their imagination and artistic skills. 

As artists ourselves we know that we have the unique ability to translate emotions visually and express themselves beautifully. We strive to combine that creativity with the beauty of the human physique and silhouette. Our soft lovable garments act as a canvas for us and our network of artists. We license their talents and imagination, giving their fans and followers a channel to directly support their favorite artist.

 Our brand promise is simple, to never deviate from our handcrafted design aesthetic nor our commitment to creating high-quality products. Under this standard, we maintain a strong focus on delivering clothing with high integrity and quality to match. Whether you are a sketch artist or graphic designer. If you’re pursuing your dreams, then you are a representative of the Only Driven Ambitiously Bold Individual Lifestyle.

Feb 01

Online Store Grand Opening

Launched the ODABI brand backed by values of a strong handcrafted design aesthetic and a commitment to creating high-quality goods.

Mar 10

Fuck Cancer!

Collaborated with the American Cancer Society on our “Fuck Cancer Campaign.”

Apr 01

Mission: End the Starving Artist

On this day we decided our purpose is to help creative people create wealth using their own creativity. So we launched the #EndtheStarvingArtist Campaign” and released what we hope will be a solution; the Canvas Collection.

Feb 01

Temporary Closure

We temporarily closed to retool our manufacturing process and learn how to make better, more environmentally friendly products out of respect for mother earth.  

Jul 05


With a renewed sense of purpose, clarity of vision and honed skill set. We give you the best verison of Odabi Clothing Co. ?